It all started when…

Black Sword Alliance was founded in 2011 by Tattooist and Muncie native, Sean King. After various crew rotations the lineup landed on Sean King, Samantha Leyes, Joshua Chatwin, and Aaron Roberts for tattooing and Jay Williams for piercings.


In May of 2016 Sean King took some opportunities to further his career in Eugene Oregon and sold the studio to Joshua, Samantha, Aaron, and Jay who continue to run Black Sword Alliance as a co-op. Sean continues to make regular visits as a guest artist and maintains a strong local clientele.

In September of 2017 Craig Mathis joined the crew bringing with him 17 years of experience and one of the most unique styles in tattooing. Craig was instrumental in teaching both Joshua and Aaron how to tattoo and continues to be a major influence to the entire crew.

The intent of Black Sword Alliance has always been to provide the best tattoos and piercings possible at a reasonable price in an honest and friendly atmosphere. We love what we do and continually strive to learn and grow within our craft.