Samantha leyes - Tattoo Artist / Co-owner

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I got my first tattoo the night of my 18th birthday and, being a lifelong artist, knew immediately that I wanted to become a Tattooist. I graduated from New Castle High School in May of 2013 and began my apprenticeship under Sean King here at Black Sword Alliance in Muncie Indiana in November of 2013. I officially finished my apprenticeship in February of 2016 and just a couple months later Mr. Sean King accepted some career changing opportunities in Eugene Oregon and sold the shop to myself, Joshua Chatwin, Aaron Roberts, and Jay Williams making me co-owner of Black Sword Alliance Tattoo and Body Piercing where I work alongside my partner, Joshua. 

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For booking information please email or choose a time-slot that fits your budget from my calendar below to start the booking process. Please note that all appointments must be confirmed by me and are subject to time and price changes once all information about your tattoo is gathered. 

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Samantha Leyes
Co-Owner / Tattooist, Black Sword Alliance
Bristol Tattoo Club


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