Sean king - tattoo Artist


I started my apprenticeship in 2009 with realism artist, Joshua Carlton. This time was formative in my love for photorealistic imagery on paper, canvas and, ultimately skin. In late 2011, I opened Black Sword Alliance in Muncie, Indiana. After several artists were rotated through, I finally landed on the crew represented here now. 

In 2016, I relocated to Eugene, Oregon, selling Black Sword Alliance to Joshua Chatwin, Samantha Leyes, Aaron Roberts, and Jay Williams. In Eugene I opened a private studio with my mentor, Joshua Carlton. The time spent there was utilized to improve my skills and understanding of, both, the art and the craft of tattooing. I have tattooed all over the United States and have tattooed and instructed in Europe as well.

I specialize in black & grey realism, but, love to tattoo just about any style there is. I can also be commissioned for drawings and paintings. Contact me directly at for booking and art commission info.


Sean King
Tattooist, Black Sword Alliance

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